“With a relentless focus on agility, timeliness and quality, we bring robust and innovative solutions to our customers"



  • Diverse Industry Experience

    Diverse Industry Experience

    Clients spanning Federal Government, Financial, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Accounting, Mortgage Backed Securities, Insurance, Multimedia, Senior Citizen Organizations, Land and Farming have experienced the performance and value we deliver.

  • Committed to Your Success

    Committed to Your Success

    InnovTech leverages its accumulated IT expertise and experience to implement practical and effective strategies that help clients realize their technological and investment ambitions.

  • Seasoned IT Expertise

    Seasoned IT Expertise

    Our Business and IT consultants understand your industry and bring the best technical solutions to meet customer challenges.



  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
    Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

    For more than 12 years, InnovTech is assisting organizations develop Business Intelligence systems to access more data, gain insight and develop meaningful decision support systems. Our BI experts specialize in all RDMS, custom data stores, Big Data, Mobile Analytics, Advanced and Predictive Analytics.

  • Application Development
    Application Development

    InnovTech excels in Enterprise Architecture, System Design, Development, Operations & Maintenance with solutions that are tailored for our client needs. InnovTech has expertise in custom, state-of-the art application development with a dedicated team to deliver cost effective and agile solutions.

  • Program Management
    Program Management

    InnovTech Program Management experts understand our clients’ strategic vision and recommend viable options to solve complex problems in IT projects. We have the experience to deliver the course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality through vigilant and transparent leadership across all processes. InnovTech has the passion and enthusiasm to add value to your ROI.

  • Data Modeling & Database Administration
    Data Modeling & Database Administration

    Whether it is a high performance transaction system or a high capacity data warehouse, InnovTech expert DBAs and Data Architects can help you choose the right solutions to meet your business needs. Our Database Administrators have the right solution for your data access, storage, retrieval and security needs. From start to finish, our Data Architects focus on how data is being used by your business and other interface processes.

    Our Database team along with our Business Intelligence experts will provide all the domain knowledge for managing your data and analyzing it for your benefit.

  • Software Testing
    Software Testing

    InnovTech takes the complexity out of testing. Whether it is for desktop, web or mobile applications, we take a holistic and professional approach to quality assurance. Our testing expertise ensures that defects are minimized and long term interests are protected by avoiding expensive post-production bug-fixing and software patching.

  • Change Management
    Change Management

    Change is an inevitable part of every technology investment. InnovTech approaches Change Management with your company’s future in mind, overseeing system transitions, managing change control and enhancements, system configurations and taking your organization to the next milestone. Beyond Change Management technologies and tools, InnovTech’s leadership has helped clients identify the required speed of change and the appropriate technologies to maximize your return of investment.

  • Data Quality
    Data Quality

    We understand that business decisions are only as good as the quality of data supporting them. Our Data Quality program and expertise gives your business the confidence to move onward and upward in your operational and transactional processes.

  • Helpdesk & Training
    Helpdesk & Training

    Our subject matter experts guide our clients to understand complex application systems and strengthen user adoption. Our strong Help Desk and Training team provide the necessary support for a successful rollout of systems.

  • Information Assurance & Security
    Information Assurance & Security

    At InnovTech, we do not compromise on the security of your data. The best technical, practical and business practices in information security are among our top priorities. Our track record with customers continues to prove our commitment to the safety and security of the information you entrust with us.